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Fact sheet

Name:                The Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ)
Total Area:                375 Km 2
Population:                140,000 people
Border Points:            Terrestrial, Marine, and air passages
Geographic Coordinates:    29.5167° N 35.0° E
Dialing Code:            +962 3

ASEZ offers a multi-functional transportation system covering all business facilitation areas from ports, airports, and highways to railroads. The zone possess a modern 8,000 – kilometer highway system that connects Aqaba to surrounding countries and Europe via Syria and Turkey which  facilitates the goods and services flows into the region. The Hijaz Railway also links Aqaba to other cities and areas with planned future extensions that will further increase Aqaba’s accessibility. `
The port of Aqaba is the pivotal constituent of ASEZ’s transportation network, offering up-to-minute services and facilities and providing international firms with consistently reliable staff and operational support.
Located in the heart of the ASEZ, King Hussein International Airport operates under the “Open Skies” policy. The airport is capable to accommodate passenger and freight transportation and all ranges of commercial aircraft, and hence offers business opportunities in many areas such as logistics, aviation services, trans-shipment, and aerospace industries.

From advance mobile communications networks to high-speed internet connectivity and global satellite communication, ASEZ provides the ultimate set-up for fulfilling effective, easy, and prosperous business partnerships.
Jordan’s advance education system and high literacy rate serve its purpose of promoting a productive efficient workforce. Regarding Visas and permits, ASEZA provides the necessary visa procedures, work permits and residency permits for expatriate workers.
Time and Measures
ASEZ is two hours ahead of GMT in winter & Three hours ahead of GMT in summer:
Wintertime: October-March GMT+two;
Summer time: April-September GMT+three;
Jordan operates almost entirely on the metric system, where the Gram, the Meter, and the Liter are the basic units. Land’s measurement by the Dunum, in which a Dunum equals 1000 square meters (10,760 square feet)
Climate: Characterized by very hot summer and warm winter. The amount of rainfall <50mm per year.
Currency and credit cards :
The currency of Jordan is Jordanian Dinar (JD).
One JD equals 1000 Fils.
Coins and paper denominations are both used.
The daily exchange rate is published in the local newspapers (at current Exchange Rate 1 JD approximately equals 1.4 USD
Credit cards are accepted all around the Kingdom.

Courier Services : Many National and International companies provide courier services in and outside Aqaba
Aramex: +962 3 2031385 , www.aramex.com
DHL: +962 3 2012039 , www.DHL.com
Business Hours: Government offices are open from 8 AM to 4 PM every day except Fridays, Saturdays, National Holidays, and Religious holidays. During the month of Ramadan, working hours are usually reduced. Most of the shops open their doors between 9 and 10 AM and close around 11:00 PM. Working hours for the private sector are usually between 8 AM and 6 PM. Banks open to the public from 8:30 AM to 15:30 PM. Some banks operate for an extra 2 hours in the afternoon. ATM services are available throughout the day.