The directorate provides a personality building program targeted for age group 18-25 in which this group achieve skills in order to be more mature and aware of the changes around and their responsibilities towards their society, they are also introduced to the concept of youth initiative which helps in recognizing their liability towards improving their society.

The youth carry on sessions in groups represented by a sample from Aqaba to encourage them to participate in the changes around, in addition, participants train other youth on the skills they attained.

The program also includes enforcing youth initiatives carried on priority basis.

The directorate provides different voluntary programs and trainings aimed at preparing skilled individuals in case of emergencies and natural disasters. First aid, accident prevention skills and evacuation skills programs has been held, after which a group of volunteers will run different programs that aim at helping the local community. In addition to the program concerning jobs available in aqaba, a group of volunteers are trained to execute this program aimed towards those looking for jobs and there families.

Workshops, trainings and meetings with officials have been carried out for the purpose of providing the youth with knowledge and skills which can assist in improving their qualities of life.

Moreover, ASEZA provides support to different sporting clubs for running championships through offering monthly bonuses for coaches of different sports such as football, basketball, and table tennis, and providing the necessary equipment, in addition to recognizing distinguished players. Youth organizations are also provided with the necessities which reflect positively on all youth activities.